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Added on 01 July 2019

“Location, location, location” may be the cornerstone of wise property investment, yet many people are unaware of the importance of location in making the right choice of estate agent – whether buying or selling. 

Estate agency is an intensely local business. It is essential that agents are fully conversant with the local issues of the day relating to the buying and selling of property within what is often no more than a few miles from their office. Preferably staff should themselves be resident in the area in which they are selling.

At Thorntons, we are more conscious than most of the overriding importance of providing a local service, delivered passionately by local people. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why we enjoy such a good atmosphere in our offices. All of our staff, live locally, and most have been together for many years.

This combination of experience and local expertise delivers an unsurpassed and intense market knowledge of the immediate area, meaning that property buyers and sellers can expect to receive the most relevant and up to date comment and opinion when it comes to property valuation, market intelligence and strategic marketing advice.

In our experience, too many estate agencies simply have token representation in the area, with a mobile workforce managed by remote directors concentrating on building an empire, rather than earning the loyalty and respect of local people over the years.

We believe that close customer contact, regular communication and straight-talking expert advice is what the public deserves. This can only be delivered via a wholeheartedly independent and thoroughly local estate agency with its clients’ best interests at heart.

As a buyer or seller, you have a choice of agency, so choose wisely! Choose Thorntons Property. 


Peter Ryder

Managing Director

Thorntons Property

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